A Glossary of Common Terms Used by The DHTS Store

In an effort maintain consistency within our ever-growing store offerings, we wanted to publish a short list of common terms and expressions and their meanings. This is an attempt to clarify any question or ambiguity that may exist within a listing. We have tried to use common terms from within the eBay community when creating the descriptive text in our listings, so much of this information will seem familiar. This is how we interpret these common terms within the context of our listings. Again, we have tried to be consistent with the general use by the eBay community.


Item Condition Terms

New: The listed item is new in the package and has not been opened or otherwise had a manufacturer's packaging seal broken. This would include heat-sealed bags and blister packed items. In addition, and most importantly, the item is or recent manufacture (i.e. within 1 - 3 years, or as deemed to qualify as a recently manufactured item).

New old Stock (NOS): The item has not been used, but it is not of recent manufacture. It may, or may not be in it's original packaging. Examples of NOS might include the following:

  • Loose electronic components that have not been soldered or mounted
  • Parts originally stored in bulk packaging and offered for sale individually or in small quantities
  • A new part in its original package which has not been used, but is sufficiently old to be considered old stock
  • Components that were removed from open bulk storage and show some dust or light wear from handling or bulk storage
  • A component that would be considered new, but is not in it's original packaging or shows signs of handling

Used: The item has been used and shows signs of having been used. There may be wear, scratches or chips on painted surfaces. You may be able to see fingerprints, dirt, markings or adhesive residue on surfaces. Hardware may show signs of tool marks. There may be solder residue on contact or pins. Whenever possible the description will detail these signs of use, but you are encouraged to carefully view the photographs using the zoom tool if necessary. The following are some additional examples of Used item descriptors:

  • Board Pull: an item desoldered from a circuit board or wired assembly
  • Socket Pull: a component (especially an Integrated Circuit) that has been removed from a socket
  • Removed from working environment and presumed to be working: Part was either disassembled from equipment by our staff or comes from a trusted vendor who performed the operation. (same as Removed from decommissioned equipment)
  • Selling as used since history is not known: We suspect that the component is NOS (new old stock) but cannot verify this fact

For Parts or Not Working: The item is being sold for the purpose of harvesting useful parts or for repair. Item may also be listed as not working if it has not been tested and is suspected of being nonoperational. Just as in the case of a used item; a detailed description and photographs will be provided. The buyer is encouraged to carefully view the photos and even ask questions as to the item history or other details.

Shelf Wear: Usually indicated along with the "New Old Stock (NOS)" condition, shelf wear refers to any physical change to inventory that has occurred as a result of prolonged storage. This could include the following:

  • Dust, fingerprints or dirt
  • Tape or adhesive residue. Could also have some markings or labels with original stock numbers or other information
  • Small blemishes, scratches or bent leads/pins as might be incurred from bulk packaging in bag or bin or from normal handling
  • Finish discoloration or fading from exposure to air or light that does not impede the function of the item.
  • Light tarnish on silver plated surfaces (does not refer to corrosion or severe oxidation)

Grab Bag: Refers to a random collection of mixed parts which usually has a theme (i.e. TTL Integrated Circuits, Tantalum Capacitors, Carbon Composition Resistors, etc.). The grab-bag theme will usually be indicated in the item description along with the searchable phrase "grab-bag". There is also a dedicated store category for grab bags.

Ordering, Packaging Terms, and Delivery Terms

Combined Shipping: The process of combing more than one ordered item into the same package in order to reduce shipping costs. We encourage multiple item purchases and will typically not charge extra for small parts on the same order. There are exceptions, but in most cases you pay for the singe most expensive shipping charge and the others "go along for the ride". This only applies where item quantity and weight permit, however we are very reasonable when calculating shipping costs.

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