My eBay business - called The DHTS Store - sells unique and hard to find electronic components and industrial parts to markets around the world. I specialize in end of life parts, new and used, that are desired by hobbyists, collectors, restoration enthusiasts, amateur radio operators, MRO technicians, or anyone who is looking for that "unobtainium" component.

I have been a casual seller since 2002, but decided to create my eBay store in 2013 when the company I was working for closed. I started modestly and have grown The DHTS Store into a full-time business.

With very few exceptions, I will ship anywhere. Although the United States market accounts of more than half of my revenue, Europe and Pacific countries are a very important part of my sales. Repeat business, and the relationship that goes along with it, is quite common among the niche markets I serve. I have found that providing fast and personal customer service is key to establishing a trust relationship with any buyer, but especially those on other continents.

Here are a few answers to frequently asked questions:

Where is The DHTS Store located? I am located in the town of Vaudreuil-Dorion, just outside Montreal, Canada.

Canada Eh? Will it take a long time to get my parts? I do my absolute best to ship your order within one business day of payment. My time zone is EST (GMT -5), so if you can get your order in before noon, our time, there is a very good chance I can get it into the mail the same day. Otherwise, it will likely go out after lunch the next day. Also to reduce the Monday morning packing volume I try to ship on Saturday whenever possible. This is on a best-effort basis since I do like to relax a bit on the weekends. Canada Post Corporation is pretty efficient and international shipping should be about one week for the United States and about 2 weeks for most other countries (Although I generally don't like to make promises on behalf of the postal system)

I would like to order multiple items from The DHTS Store. Do you combine shipping? Yes, I always combine shipping on multiple item orders. It saves you on shipping costs and saves packing effort as well. It's win-win. Note that eBay's shopping cart functionality can be limited, so it's best to send me a note to let us know you want to combine multiple orders onto the same invoice, or request a total before checking out.

I only need a few of the parts that you are selling as a bulk lot. Can you sell me just one or two pieces? If I can split up a lot, and sell you a single piece, I definitely will. I want you to buy my stuff :)

How accurate are your descriptions? The DHTS Store Staff (me) has knowledge on a diverse range of industries and loves to learn about components, applications, technologies, and industry history. I am a hobbyist at heart, and am passionate about what I do. I try to describe my items as completely and accurately as possible. That being said; we are all human and occasionally I make a mistake. If you notice something that does not make sense or you receive an item that's not accurately described. Please let me know and I will make it right.

Does this listing show a photo of the actual part? I usually don't publish listings using stock photos and will never (no matter how big we get) be one of those sellers who uses some corporate graphic in lieu of a real photo. In multiple item listings, the photo will be one of the parts in the listing. If we do decide to use a stock photo; it will be one that we have taken ourselves, and we will indicate it in the description of the listing.

Do you accept best offers? Yes. Yes I do! I love the best offer feature on eBay and use it on almost all of my listings. I try to respond to all offers with an immediate acceptance, or a counter-offer. So, go ahead make an offer, you may be surprised by the deal I am willing to do. Also, making multiple best offers at one time sweetens the deal even more by allowing me to combine items into one order.

I just ordered something from The DHTS Store, but now I don't need it. Can I cancel my order? Certainly. If I have not shipped your item, I will process a cancellation and issue a refund if applicable. If I have shipped the item, we can still process a return once you have received it. As a buyer, I really hate cancellation and restocking fees, and therefore won't charge you any. Remember, if you don't need what you just bought, or you need to delay payment, please let us know - we won't get mad. After 3 days or so, we have to open a non-payment case. EBay obliges us to do this in order to have our commission fees reimbursed. Once the process is started, it can't be ended.

I am concerned about counterfeit components. Where do you source your parts? Counterfeiting is a huge problem in the electronics industry. I get my parts locally from trusted vendors and from sources that I can feel confident about. My parts come from:

  • Manufacturing operation and distributor stockroom liquidations: Typically these are electronic companies with stock that has already been verified as genuine
  • Bankrupties: When a local company goes bankrupt, I try to get in to buy their inventory
  • Auctions: There are several auction houses in the area and I regularly bid on lots of electronic and industrial parts.
  • Ham-Fests and other hobbyist gatherings: While I don't necessarily acquire much inventory there, it sure is fun to attend.
  • Local classified ads: I use Craigs List and (a Canadian site owned by eBay).